Dissertation Coaching

The goal is to help you change your approach to your dissertation so that you are motivated and productive.

What you should expect from the dissertation coaching services?

  • It is designed to help you successfully complete your doctoral dissertation.

  • We will advise you to structure your dissertation process to increase productivity so you can make consistent progress.

  • To support the student in a way that will help them identify behaviors that counteract productivity.

  • Provide support that will facilitate student motivation and manage challenges that will arise across the dissertation process.

  • Our coaching process will help students in all disciplines at any stage of the research process.

As your coach we will:

  • Coach you to determine realistic short and long term goals

  • Coach you to reduce procrastination and provide on-going support throughout the dissertation process

  • Coach you to progress toward your goals and to meet deadlines

  • Hold the learner accountable to weekly and monthly goals

  • Help the learner through the process to manage the negative self-talk and self-doubt that perils many during the dissertation process

  • Teach time management, given the learners scheduled

  • Encourage the learner to establish on-going dialogue with their faculty and committee members on a consistent basis.

  • Support and help the learner consider career options and search for jobs.

How does the coaching work?

  • Coaching is rendered through various mediums such as telephone, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp. We work with students in the US and internationally.

  • First, we will design an overall structure that includes a timeline and weekly action plans.

  • Set a clear set of dissertation tasks you can complete on a weekly and day-to-day basis.

  • Meet with you every week to review your progress.

  • Provide the learner with unlimited email and/or text communication as a way to support the learner as questions or issues arise.

  • Coaching is provided on a monthly basis. The learner is not required to make long-term commitments.