June 2020

We are being hit with two pandemic simultaneously: The Coronavirus Health Crisis and Racism.

Maintaining focus and productivity can be difficult.

Here are some recommended tips to help manage during these difficult times.

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Pray & Meditate

Get Up and Move

Take A Time Out

Connect With Friends



One of the most effective approaches to leading others is to guide them with compassion. Many years ago, it was taboo to connect with your staff on a "personal" level. However, I believe that getting to know them creates a positive work space; it may, in fact, motivate them to enjoy coming to work.

Everyone on your team is different. Respect and embrace the diversity. It's important to understand that they're human beings comprised of varying experiences and emotions. Connecting with them demonstrates that you care about them beyond the day to day execution.

Find ways to bond by getting to know:

  • What they enjoy doing outside of work?

  • What motivates them?

  • How can they connect their level of engagement for the activities enjoyed outside of the workplace with what they do in their everyday work?

I believe getting to know your team in this manner will not only improve productivity but enhance workplace comradery, trust, and sense of belonging.

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Spirit Led Saturday: Are you READY?


Are you READY?!

The definition of Ready: in a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation; fully prepared.

Are you in that suitable state? Many of us have prayed and believed that God will give us what we desire. It may be a career/job, it may be a home, it may even be to fulfill desires of marriage. . . Whatever it is... no matter how BIG or how SMALL; despite what the statistics say; it is important that we posture ourselves to RECEIVE it. Move as if the BLESSING is standing in your face! This is acting out FAITH! Demonstrating to God that you BELIEVE! The challenge for myself and even to you, my friends, is to PREPARE. Preparation is key for every phase of our lives and without it we can not step into that place that God destined for us. .

Post inspired from @williemoorejrlive

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Flashback Friday

Words of Inspiration are POWERful!


Words of Inspiration are POWERful!

This picture reflects a young girl with dreams to become a doctor, help others, and live a life with tons of fun and happiness!!!


Unbeknownst to many of my classmates, their vote “As Most Likely To Succeed” meant the world to me! It was encouraging. As teenagers, you think you know what you want to do and you think that you have what it takes. But it’s even more special when others believe the same thing!


I’m sure that I’m not the only person out here who has been motivated by the words of others. Many of you may have similar experiences.


Today, I challenge all of you WONDERFUL people out there to share words of inspiration with someone today. Put a SMILE on someone’s FACE and HEART. ♥️

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~DrLizSpeaks on #BlackWomenEqualPayDay:


Black women are the most educated individuals in the U.S. (Source: ThoughtCo.com). The average Black woman has to work until August 2019 to be compensated what the average White male was paid in 2018. It’s the 21st century, and it’s disheartening that gender and racial issues continue to peril our advancement. This is a frustrating reality for many Black Women in corporate America.

The idea of Equal Pay Day originated in 1996 as an event that would bring awareness of the gender pay gap. This day is recognized during the month of April. However, August 22nd has been designated as Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

How can we improve Black Women’s Equal pay?

I would recommend that corporate allies in executive leadership and sponsorship roles create awareness in their organization’s regarding compensation inequity. According to Women in the Workplace @leaninorg, there are several strategies to support and improve Black women compensation (see the list on page 3). If you are in position to advocate for equity, execute these strategies and #PayMeWhatYouOweMe !

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~DrLizSpeaks on #FaithfulFriday:

I am a believer in Christ and believe that it is critically important for me to acknowledge Him in all that I do, including my career.

The past 7 years of my life have been filled with lows and highs, with failures and success. Through every experience, the Lord has shown Himself to be FAITHFUL and TRUE. When I fell down, God lifted me up. When I didn’t have the words to say, God gave me the words to say. When I wasn’t sure how things were going to “turnout”, He worked it out for my good.

There is someone out there who needs guidance in their career. I would recommend you:

1. Pray and seek guidance from God before making decisions: Some decisions that we make are based on emotions. Our emotions, in many instances, aren’t a trusted source. You want to be led by God so your decision positions you in a place where you will be fruitful/successful. .

2. Wait on the answer from the Lord: Patience is critically important, and I’m preaching to myself with this one. I’ve made bad decisions because I didn’t wait to hear from God.

3. Be steadfast in your communication with God: It doesn’t matter how small or big the circumstance or decision, we should always look to Him. He knews/understands what lies ahead of us. So let him be the compass for our way.

Have a blessed day and know that God serves as an advocate, even in your career!

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